Kingdom Artist Initiative

The Kingdom Artist Initiative (KAI) is an instructional program that partners with artist communities to equip and support artists of faith in their role in culture.

Our program focus is to:
– Help artists foster a Spirit-led career life that informs how they create art, manage their career, and interact with others.

– Empower artists with the confidence that their art life is honoring God and serving His purpose right in the middle of their work as a career artist

–  Show artists how to organically contribute the Kingdom way and perspective to cultural conversation as they move forward in their career.

Let KAI be a partner in serving your artists:

The Kingdom Artist Initiative is a rich, interactive experience where artists are challenged to think about their relationship with God as a career artist, and their career life within their relationship. We help artists stand flat-footed in who they are as artists in Christ, where all parts of themselves (as Christian, creative, and cultural participant) are accepted and honored, and are working together as one, toward one end in agreement with God.

The KAI curriculum is flexible and can fit into a variety of lengths and formats. We can deliver intensives virtually and in-person. From 30-minute talks at the Salvation Army’s Creative Arts Retreat, to 2-hr sessions with Edge Project in Altea, Spain, to a full 8-week intensive with Saddleback Church, KAI can be tailored to fit your community needs.

Listen to examples of KAI teaching on our podcast, instagram, or in this interview with founder, Marlita Hill.

Contact Marlita Hill for more information on bringing a customized KAI intensive to your community of artists.

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