Building our art careers by faith, together.

 Mentorship for Christian creatives who want to build their art careers in community

The Kingdom Artist Institute provides discipleship, community, and accountability for artists who desire support as they work out the integration between their faith, art, and career.

Marlita Hill rocks! She is the one who God has called to speak to artists in Christ who are struggling to balance their life in Christ with their life in the arts. We artists are called to work inside and outside of the church without compromise and without division. She helps us to remember that no matter where we are called, we are to work with integrity, vision and purpose in order to manifest God’s greater vision of reconciliation.”
–Patrice G, artist and theologian

Bringing every part into every space

What does it look like to work holistically in the day-to-day affairs of walking with God, making art, and building your career? Our flagship course tackles this question to help you put your wholeness into practice and bring every part of you into every space of your experience. 

Below are your two options for the course (or if you want to facilitate the Kingdom Art Life within your community)

Online Self-Paced
Our Kingdom Art Life modules are just a click away. Dive into the modules in any order and complete at your own pace from wherever you are.

Start Now

Online Live Cohort
Join Marlita and other artists for our guided, 3-month cohort experience. The weekly live sessions immerse you in meaningful connection with like-minded artists navigating similar journeys.

Join a Cohort

Community Hosted
Host a workshop or purchase the Kingdom Art Life to support the artists in your community, school, or organization.

Facilitate KAL workshops for your own community

Become a Facilitator

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