Mentoring artists in faith and work

With humorous straight talk, Marlita encourages artists in organizations, colleges, and churches to live in the full, unfragmented expression of who God has made them as an artist of faith building a career in secular culture. Her work frees marketplace artists from the need to justify or apologize for their kind of art life by showing them how their “secular” art career honors God and participates in Kingdom citizenship, building, and representation.

Speaking Topics

It Starts at Relationship.
What does it look like to be an artist in loving relationship with God? This humorous discussion uses four human relationships to take a serious look at the artist’s relationship with God and its implications for how we build, navigate, and manage our art careers.

God in the Practical Stuff.
Building an art career in secular culture takes grit, bold moves, practicality, and engagement with, and within a culture of whose principles and practices are often contrary to God’s. How do we build an art career and that environment without compromising our faith? This discussion teaches six mindsets that empower artists to monitor themselves in spiritual liberty and maturity as they move forward in their career.

Space and Identity.
As artists of faith, we can experience anxiety around identity and how we show up in our career spaces. Do we show up as Christians or as artists? This discussion will lead artists in confronting their identity beliefs and “or” narratives – empowering them to show up as whole people with all parts of themselves fully present, active and honored.

Where is the Love?: A framework for serving your artists and loving them well
In order for the arts and creativity to fully thrive in your church, you need artists thriving there. How can you help your artists thrive? How can you support artists in the diversity of experience, artform, expectation, and journey with which they come? Using Chapman’s 5 Love Languages as a structure, Hill provides a customizable framework to help you support and care for your artists within the capacities of your specific congregation and vision.

KAI Custom Retreats

Marlita is available to speak in a variety of formats and timeframes, including virtual sessions. For more in-depth impartation, consider a customized KAI Retreat. Retreats can be 1-3 days and are customized from 12 different session offerings. Session descriptions are available upon serious inquiry. 

Below are standard schedules for 1- and 2-day KAI Retreats. For longer teaching session requests or other customizable options, please indicate you wish to speak to Marlita about further customization in the Inquiry Form under Additional Information.  

1-day Retreat (Saturday 9-5pm)

9-9:45: Introductions
10am: Session 1
11:05am: Session 2
12:15pm: Lunch/Conversation
1:15pm: Session 3
2:20pm: Session 4
3:20pm: Break
3:30pm: Session 5
4:30pm: Closing Activity

2-Day Retreat (Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm)

5-50pm: Introductions
6-7:20pm: Session 1
7:20-7:25pm: Break
7:25-8:45pm: Session 2
8:45-9pm: Closing Activity

9-10:20am: Session 1

10:20-11:40am: Session 2
11:40-11:45am: Break
11:45-1:05: Session 3
1:05-2:05: Lunch
2:05-3:25pm: Session 4
3:25-4:45pm: Session 5
4:45-5pm: Closing Activity

What Others are Saying about KAI

“Marlita Hill rocks! She is the one who God has called to speak to artists in Christ who are struggling to balance their life in Christ with their life in the arts. We artists are called to work inside and outside of the church without compromise and without division. She helps us to remember that no matter where we are called, we are to work with integrity, vision and purpose in order to manifest God’s greater vision of reconciliation.”
–Patrice G, artist and theologian

The insights I’ve gained from reading Defying Discord and participating in the Kingdom Artist Initiative workshop have revolutionized my creative life. Marlita was able to eloquently speak to my questions surrounding being artist of faith in the marketplace and has created beautifully intuitive and Scripture-based answers. By getting to the root of what I believe about God and His purposes for my art calling, I have also been able to attune myself better to His leading and actively invite the Holy Spirit into all my art pursuits. I cannot recommend KAI and Defying Discord highly enough for artists and creatives of faith — it will revitalize both your faith and art life.
–Christy Richardson, Actor/Singer/Voice Over Artist

Caution: do NOT take Marlita Hill’s workshop if you aren’t ready to be inspired, motivated and encouraged in your spiritual and art life. I thoroughly enjoyed this course which challenged me to see things from a different perspective. I’ve long struggled to feel that I could mesh both my spiritual life and my call to be a “secular” writer. It was with relief that I learned not only is it possible to survive, but thrive, in both of these arenas simultaneously. Marlita’s kind but straightforward manner helped me uncover new truths. Her deep dives into scripture helped to put things into perspective. Her energy was contagious. I highly recommend this excellent course to any other Christian who is struggling with a foot in the two seemingly opposite worlds of faith and art.
–Author J.P. Choquette

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