As artists in faith communities, we often wrestle with limiting possibilities that leave no room for faith and our art careers to coexist.

Yet in God’s kingdom, there is more than enough space,
and grace,
and value,
and purpose.

We want to cast a new vision that sets your art life in the fullness and freedom God desires you to experience as His artist.

In the re-Vision workshop, you will
– experience God’s permission to fully be the artist He has shaped you to be

– replace unproductive beliefs with the truth of who you are as a God-honoring, kingdom-building member of the body of Christ

– experience more freedom and peace of mind in the relationship between your faith and art career.

Workshop Dates: Mondays, November 5th – November 26th
Time: 7-8:30pm (CST)
Location: Workshop is held virtually on ZOOM
Workshop Cost: $99
***50% refund available until 1st class. After 1st class, no refunds available

Week 1 Foundation:
Whose voices are shaping your career experience?
This session is about examining your art life to see if your experiences are being shaped by God, or yourself and others.

Week 2 Wholeness:
What does it look like to embrace all parts of yourself in any context you occupy?
This session is about embracing all parts of who God has made you as a career artist in Christ (Christian, creative, and cultural participant).

Week 3 Liberty:
How can you stand confidently in your career as an artist who has said yes to God?
This session is about being unapologetic as an artist of faith who works “out there” and makes “that kind” of art with “those people.”

Week 4 Harmony:
How do you honor your “yes” in your career life?
This session explores the way we practice faith in the creative, business, and social facets of our art life.

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