Ep 28 – Word is Bond

EpisodeĀ  28:
Word is Bond

Episode 28 explores our life as artists on the other side of a ‘yes,’ and looks at how we build an art life that honors that ‘yes.’


Hello, hello, and welcome to Episode 28 of the Kingdom Art Life podcast. I am Marlita Hill, here to help you flourish in faith, art, and career.

We’re in the middle of presenting mindsets to help us overcome our anxiety about compromising our faith in our career pursuits.

The third mindset is to keep in mind that you are an artist on the other side of a yes. And on the other side of your yes, it’s important to remember that God is for your career, and He’s with you in your career, but He’s after more for you, in you, with you, and through you then just your career.

Your art career is a vital part of this exquisite tapestry that’s being woven together by your life. But it’s only part of that tapestry. And as that tapestry is made to be put on display, it doesn’t just matter that you get the career, in fact it matters so much more how you get it.

So does the way the you build your career honor the maturity and fruitfulness that God wants to develop in you?
Does the way you build it honor the relationship and the life He wants to build with you?
Does it honor the fullness of the gifts He gave you and the opportunities, the dreams, the desires, and the doors those gifts were supposed to open and make happen for you?

And does the way you build your career honor the healing, the correction, the legacy, the footprint, the reconciliation that is ordained to come through you?

Because here’s the thing, you are an artist absolutely, and you’re absolutely building a noteworthy art career. But you’re an artist on the other side of a yes, building an art career that is accountable to that yes. And the accountability that comes with that yes is acknowledging that while God is for you in your art career, and with you in it, there is something greater at work in you building and occupying it. When you bring that recognition into your career building, it will help hold you accountable for the way you build it. And if you know that you’re building it for something bigger than just having it, you won’t make compromising decisions.


I’ve talked a lot about being on the other side of a yes. What comes up for you when you hear that?

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