Are you looking for personalized guidance to help you dig into the integration of faith and art in your creative career?

Our one-on-one sessions provide a space for you to address the spiritual, creative, business, social, identity, and emotional things you deal with in building an art career in relationship with God. It is a space to bring your questions, challenges, and aspirations for your faith walk, artmaking, and career-building that arise as you pursue this unique experience.

Sessions are available in three formats.

Single Session

A single session is the perfect solution if you need clarity, guidance, strategy, or soundboarding for a specific issue or question.
Sessions are 60 minutes. Conducted via Zoom.

Multiple Sessions

A multi-session coaching package is the perfect solution if you need guidance or accountability for a project with multiple parts, or if you need regular support through a particular season.
Sessions are 60 minutes. Conducted via Zoom.

Power Session

Power Sessions are the perfect solution if you want to work through or strategize a specific project, issue, or opportunity in one jam-packed session.
Sessions are 2.5 hours. Conducted via Zoom.

Schedule a call to determine the best format for your needs