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Defying Discord takes a raw, honest look at the turbulent relationship between the artist, their faith, and their career in “secular” culture. Written as a conversation between friends, Hill confronts this turbulence through unpacking one question: How do you serve, build, and represent the Kingdom working “out there,” making “that kind” of art with “those people?” Through biblical principles and everyday applications, Hill liberates Kingdom artists to build an unapologetic career life that freely, boldly and honorably takes space in the “secular” context.

Can we be artists in Christ, working in “secular” culture? I’ve always believed the answer is “Yes!” and Marlita Hill serves as an expert navigator. This is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read on Christians in the arts. It addresses a section of the topic that really needed to be addressed.
Dave Weiss, AMOK Arts, Pastor and Artist

Marlita Hill has written a book with an encouraging message that not only gives insight to questions that believers who make a career practicing their form of art wrestle with, but also challenges the insecurities that artists struggle with.
Reginald Cole, dance educator and performer

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A 52-Week Journal to Root You in Christ As You Build Your Art in the Marketplace

Abide is a guided journal that immerses artists in small daily reflections to remind them of who they are in Christ and affirm how important they and their creative lives are to God and in His purpose.

Filled with weekly passages and daily prompts, this journal will nourish your faith and art. It will support you in staying connected to, filled with, and grounded and rooted in God’s love as you claim your space in the marketplace to build the creative visions He’s planted in your heart.

  • Pages are undated to give you flexibility in when you start and complete your 52 weeks.
  • Weekly passage accompanied by a daily question to help you dig deeper into the passage.
  • Day 7 provides a two-page spread to reflect on your week in whatever way you are inspired.
  • Simple journal design to give you room to make this journal your own

327 pages.
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Digital

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Dancers! Assume the Position provides a biblical foundation that answers critical questions
we have regarding our dance careers and Christian walk, including:
• How are we to be as Kingdom ambassadors in our dance careers?
• What do we make art about as Christians?
• How is our relationship with God to impact how we make art and how we make
career decisions?

Available in Paperback and Ebook

Marlita Hill has excelled in writing a book that addresses the most important aspects of a creative life surrendered to God. Although addressed primarily to dancers, and drawn from the wealth of her own experience as a dancer, anyone wishing to grasp the many nuances of serving the Lord can profit from this book.
Sara Joseph

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Dancers! Assume the Position speaks to every person wanting a greater understanding of how they contribute to what God is doing in and through His body. Through a big-picture lens, it examines our service to God, why He calls us to it, and how He uses it. If you have ever questioned whether your service has any real impact or wondered is this all there is, this book is for you. Focusing on dancers and worship artists, this foundational understanding is relevant and applicable in all areas of ministry.

Available in Paperback and Ebook

Dancers! Assume the Position has totally changed my view of dance, my ministry, and quite frankly my life. This book is a must read for all ministers, not just dancing ministers!…Simply said this book is a must have, especially for ministry leaders! I promise if you read it, receive it, and implement it, your understanding, passion, and ministry will go to another level!
Theresita Rouse Richard

THANK YOU LORD!!! I must say when God answers a prayer, He truly comes through. I am so excited about this book I could scream. The spirit-filled writing, organization of ideas, obvious consideration in choice of words are just some of the reasons this book has made it to my “best of the best” collection!
Mya Hines

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The Nail that Niche Workbook is designed to be your business bible to guide you when you need to make decisions, answer questions, or write copy and content for your marketing, branding, copywriting, and content creation and more. The words, concepts, and ideas you will use in each of those tasks will come directly from your charts, statements, and descriptions.

When it’s time to fill out those multi-page questionnaires for the web and graphic designers or the brand strategist, pull from this workbook. When you’re completing the Executive Summary for your business plan, pull from this workbook. When you’re talking strategy with the business coach or next steps with your team, pull from this workbook. When you need to write your About page, pull from this workbook. Need content? You know what to do…pull from this workbook.

The Nail that Niche workbook is the ultimate guide to help you gather all the clarity and language you need to make BOSS decisions for your business in ONE place.

The Kingdom Art Life Series

The Kingdom Art Life is a series of 12 modules that offer reflective conversations that affirm you in your experience as a Christian building an art career in the marketplace. These conversations will renew the way you see your art life in God, and see God in your art life. Perfect for personal and group study! Learn More


On the Issue of Seeing looks at the beliefs and perceptions—about God, ourselves, and our art—that hinder us from enjoying our faith and art careers working together in a single harmonious experience.

Issues Addressed:
>>How do we see, label, and define ourselves (as artists) and our experience (as Christians building “secular” art careers)?
>>What do our labels and definitions reveal about our beliefs and perceptions?
>>How do our beliefs and perceptions shape our creative experiences?

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Through the lens of God’s question to Adam—”Who told you that?”—the Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Part 1 explores the voices that influence the way we see our creative experiences as Kingdom artists. By examining these voices and their influences, we can learn to focus on God’s voice and pursue a life in art that fosters deep intimacy with God as we engage in our creative practices and pursuits.

Issues Addressed:
>>Which voices are shaping our beliefs and perceptions as Kingdom artists?
>>How have these voices—and our entertainment of them—affected our ability to develop greater intimacy and vulnerability with God in our creative lives?

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The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Part 2 looks at how we grow and deepen trust, intimacy, and vulnerability with God in our creative lives.

Issues Addressed:
>>How do we learn to trust God with our creativity?
>>What does it mean to trust God in our creative lives and how do we engage with Him when trust is present?
>>What do we need to believe about God to allow trust, intimacy, and vulnerability to flourish?

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The God-Honoring Art Life addresses the struggles in thinking the only value we or our art have to God is our usefulness. In this module, we are challenged to consider a loving God who gave us art for our life—not just our service—and learn how to honor Him in that freedom.

Issues Addressed:
>>How do we honor God with our kind of art?
>>Where did our preoccupation with usefulness come from and how has it affected our creative experiences and relationships with God?

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The Christ-Centered Art Life confronts the notion that we are artists who just happened to be Christian and explores the reality that we are artists who have said yes to God. This module explores the nature of our yes and the way we are to build our art lives on the other side of our yes.

Issues Addressed:
>>What relationship did God invite us to?
>>What relationship did we say yes to?
>>How does our yes influence our art lives?

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The Kingdom-Building Art Life explores how our “secular” art careers participate in building the Kingdom even when they don’t focus on evangelism or serving in the local church.

Issues Addressed:
>>How is the kingdom of God built?
>>How do we participate in building the Kingdom in our respective creative contexts? 

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