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Nail that Niche Book Page

How do I define my niche
and target audience?

Nail that Niche serves one purpose: to answer the ‘how’ question of defining your niche and target audience. In these pages, you will find a simple process to give you clarity on the business you’re in, the work you do, the problem you solve, and the clients you serve – empowering you to make informed, strategic business decisions and speak directly to your clients’ desires.

As you read, you will be led step-by-step in answering four questions that reveal your niche and target audience: 1) How do you show up in your field/industry? 2) What differentiates your work from others doing similar work? 3) How does your client show up in your field/industry? 4) What experience, situation, and/or issue are they having that your work addresses?

$13.99, incl. shipping