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The Content Prep Squad

The Content Prep Squad
Day 1 Step 1 Prep work for strong blogs, courses, and platforms

Hi. My name is Marlita Hill and I am inviting you to join me in The Content Prep Squad, a mastermind to tackle the prep work that sets your content up for clarity, sustainability and growth. We focus on the uber-important step that comes before all the tools, technology, and taglines.

Is this you?

You’re launching out on this great blog or course idea that you have. And in your mind, the first steps to take are to choose a blog name, buy a domain, get set up on wordpress, get a logo, create a tagline, and start writing.

I tried this approach and my blog name kept changing, I couldn’t settle on a tagline or logo, and I struggled to think of what to write about in my blog. This delayed my launch, my content was inconsistent, and I was starting and stopping different aspects of blog-management all the time. I was all over the place. At one point, I had four different websites. It was a mess … and very discouraging.

Have you experienced this?

Through much trial and error, I have learned that this is not the pathway to a blog or course with a cohesive message and clear direction forward, where content ideas flow with ease. I learned that there is some prep work that needs to be done before all the tools, technology, and taglines.  This important prep work sets your content up the correct way for clarity, sustainability and growth.

Our prep work will be completed by drilling down on three questions:
–   Where do you fit in the larger conversation of your topic?
–   What are you providing / saying to your community?
–   Who, specifically, are you saying it to?

In those three questions lay a goldmine of information, out of which you will pull all your content ideas, long-term content planning, blog name, logo, tagline, etc. It’s all found in here.

And we’re gonna tackle it together!!!  Join The Content Prep Squad

How The Content Prep Squad works:
The mastermind membership is $45/mo.
I will post one task each Monday to our group. These tasks are designed to help us to answer our three focus questions. Also, we will have Monday labs to soundboard with one another in completing the tasks.

Do you have any questions?

We will complete these tasks in community so we can hold each other accountable and finish strong together!!!

About the Facilitator
Hi! I’m Marlita Hill and my brain spins around faith, art, and infopreneurship. I am a former high school teacher, I’ve written two books (and working on my third), I produce a weekly podcast, and I’ve created a discipleship program for artists. You can find out more about me here.