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Launch Team

Join me in liberating artists in their career life!!

In just about a month and some change, Defying Discord will make its grand entrance. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!! I believe in this work, in its mission to liberate artists to do the art they feel led to do, without apology.

And I need your help!

I’m inviting you to join my LIBERTY LAUNCH TEAM. Whoo-hoo!
What is a launch team? It’s an amazing group of people (like yourself) who are excited about the book, or just love me, and want to help me spread the word.

This is really important so there is an application process (3 questions). Please don’t apply if you don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to reading the book and helping get the word out. There will be other ways you can help!!

What do Liberty Launch Team members get:
A digital Advanced Reader Copy of the book
Be a part of our private FB group and behind-the-scenes action
An AMA (ask me anything) webinar just for the launch team
My eternal gratitude and the good feeling of knowing you’re going to encourage ALOT of artists!!!

Launch Team Duties:
December: Read the book by Jan 5th
January: Help with promotion. Member tasks below.
Purchase the book on Amazon ($0.99) and leave a book review
Post info about the book on social media (more instructions to come)
Be active and responsive in the FB group
Interact with the rest of the launch team and participate in the FB community to help come up with, and help out with promotion ideas (during the month of January 2018).

It’s that simple. To join, fill out the form below.
About the book