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A simply invaluable course which brings incredible tools and teaching to realise breakthrough in every sense of the word for an artist. It busts myths, breaks new and exciting ground and is like a stream in the desert of spiritual support for the artist. It will change your mindset and activate a new belief in this kingdom art life relationship. It’s refreshing to finally have someone bringing forth some encouragement and real support for artists who are very much creating in the wide world and outside of church walls.

Tiny Leaves Music
Composer, Performer, Musician


A wonderful study that really goes deeper in helping us to understand how God sees our life in him and how our artistic career is integral to that.

I am loving the Kingdom Art Life study. Marlita is full of wisdom. She draws out such profound truth in the studies and I can honestly say it has really changed the way I feel about how God sees my art. I am excited to continue my art walk with God with a renewed sense of knowing that he wants to be involved in all aspects of my walk, and in giving him the space to speak into my life and allowing space to listen.

Liz Pike
Writer and hand letterer


Although this study and the relationships it fostered are more than words can describe, the experience exposed a true call to liberation of my creative wholeness in Christ. The tenderness of truth in Marlita’s modules awakened a desire in me to reorient my thoughts, beliefs, and practices as an artist with a newfound trust in God. A real reckoning occurred in my heart and mind: my art can honor my relationship with Christ without having to prove the quality of it. Ultimately, I will be forever grateful for this encounter and the invitation to step into any and all spaces with the courage to reveal the fruit of His craftsmanship in me.

Kristen Filipovich
Visual Artist


I didn’t think I could have a positive relationship with a Christian God again until I joined the Kingdom Art Life Course.

I have a difficult and abusive past associated with the Christian church and was turned off to the concept of even meeting a bible study for over 15 years. When I heard the way Marlita phrases her understanding of God’s word and the impactful questions she asks of her fellow participants, it gave me a new vocabulary to explore a different God. A kinder God, a less abusive God, a warmer and more affectionate Father God than had been presented to me in youth.

Marlita has created a curriculum that brings together individuals from different walks of life to create communication with a new vocabulary to explore a new view of God. This is the kind of conversation we all need to be having as a spiritual collective.

Raw. Deep. Inquisitive. Unconditionally loving. Empowered. Grounded in a loving version of the Lord. I recommend this group to any and all who need a new lens and vocabulary to describe and explore their relationship with Christ consciousness.

Emma Harris
Dancer, Visual Artist


I have done several bible studies but never experienced such tangible growth and healing as I have seen during Marlita Hill’s The Kingdom Art Life.  It feels as though this was written just for me, and yet I am absolutely certain it is relevant to every artist of faith.

Like so many others, I have carried a conflict between my art and my faith that I have never quite been able to understand or articulate.  Marlita’s divine wisdom has allowed God to heal that divide and help me to understand that those essential parts of my identity were never meant to be severed in the first place.

This is not some new head knowledge, but a true heart-transformation that I will continue to walk out throughout my life.  Marlita has helped me dig through layers and layers of deception and recalibrate my beliefs.  I have already seen tangible fruit, especially in my relationships with myself, God, and others.

I used to believe that my God-given artistic talents and aspirations only brought value to the Kingdom if they were used in or for the church.  Frankly, I used to keep God locked out of any “secular” artistic endeavors.  I now understand that God is behind ALL of it, even if it doesn’t fit into the Western Christian culture that I grew up in.  Hello Freedom!

Also, doing this transformative work has enabled me to participate in more intimate and vulnerable conversations with beloved friends, deepening long-standing relationships as I’ve allowed my whole self to be seen by people who have known me most of my life but with whom I’ve never really been able to share my whole self.

And I thought this would only help my career!

My only regret about this experience is that it didn’t happen 20 years ago.  And yet I believe God’s timing is perfect and look forward to continuing to see the fruit that comes from it.

Kate Hathway


The Kingdom Art Life is extremely beneficial in helping to recognize your own self-conscious judgements you place on how you see art and your role in it, as a Christian artist. Going through this study allowed me to recognize how much of my personal relationship with God is actually hindered by the limitations I place around Him, especially in my art life.

This study allowed me to release the subconscious judgements in order to fully invite God into every aspect of my art and work. It helped me to realize that, as a Christian, your art is not separate from your faith. In fact, He’s given you your art, and has placed you in your work place, to increase your faith and further spread His gospel.

Brianne Nix


The Kingdom Art Life Study has been fantastic. A blend of both revelation and confirmation over my creative career. I’ve enjoyed listening to the sessions that have been masterfully crafted to take me on a journey and bring a wealth of understanding and Kingdom perspective. From the first session I knew I was going to get a lot from the discussions and it didn’t disappoint and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing others share too as we’ve embarked on this journey together.

Josie Gamble
Freelance Graphic & Web Designer


This course is amazing and I would recommend any creative to sign up! Marlita has a real gift of communication and she takes you on a journey from the foundations of being an artist who belongs to Jesus through the truths and practical outliving of that. Her course material gives you food for thought at every turn. Her way of explaining things, to hit home a point, are great. Marlita anchors everything with Bible references and the stories used as examples are relevant and memorable. This material goes deep and I imagine it will be a resource I’ll go back to again and again.

Annica May / All Things Design
Portfolio Designer



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