The Relationship-Building Art Life, Part 2

Trust is a complex endeavor—even in our relationship with God. The reality is that we don’t automatically trust Him in every part of our lives even though we are in an intimate relationship with Him. Our art careers—which exist in secular culture, don’t explicitly evangelize or talk about faith, and engage our desires and ambitions—only add to this complexity. The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Part 2 looks at what it means to develop and deepen trust, intimacy, and vulnerability with God in one of the most vulnerable parts of our lives: our art practices and pursuits. 

Issues Addressed:
How do we learn to trust God with our creative hearts and desires?

What does it mean to trust God in our creative lives and how do we engage with Him when trust is present?

What do we need to believe about God to allow trust, intimacy, and vulnerability to flourish?

April 29, 2023 – 10am-12pm PST / 1-3pm EST

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