Defying Discord takes a raw, honest look at the turbulent relationship between the artist, their faith, and their career in “secular” culture. Written as a conversation between friends, Hill confronts this turbulence through unpacking one question: How do you serve, build, and represent the Kingdom working “out there,” making “that kind” of art with “those people?” Through biblical principles and everyday applications, Hill liberates Kingdom artists to build an unapologetic career life that freely, boldly and honorably takes space in the “secular” context. $19.99, incl. shipping
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I am Marlita Hill, a dance artist (choreographer and educator) and author. Through my KAI program, I provide instructional resources to artists seeking to build a healthy working relationship between their faith and art career. Join our mailing list to stay updated on upcoming workshops, gatherings, and resources!

Kingdom Artist Initiative (KAI)

Resources to help you flourish as an artist in Christ working in “secular” culture

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