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Building an art career in secular culture as a Christian is a particular experience. Sadly, for too many artists, it is an experience that carries tension about how faith, art, and career exist in their lives.

The struggle is real.
Artists want to honor God, but they also want to honor their creative heart. And they don’t know if it’s possible to do both at the same time.

Can you honor God in an art career that lives in secular culture, isn’t created for evangelism, and doesn’t make art about Christian topics?

Or maybe artists do know it’s possible but they have no idea how to actually do it.

How can faith and this kind of art career coexist in a reciprocal relationship – where neither one has to be diminished or compromised, but they deepen and mature through their interaction with one another?

This is the heart of my work: supporting artists in nurturing healthy, thriving relationships between their faith and art careers.

I’m Marlita, a choreographer and teacher.

I created the Kingdom Artist Initiative in 2015. It started as a podcast called The Kingdom Art Life. In 2019, I wrote “Defying Discord: Ending the divide between your faith and “secular” art career.” In 2020, I created a course series also called The Kingdom Art Life.

Through these three tools, I have the pleasure of helping artist to faith become unapologetic about the kind of art they make, where they make it, and who they make it with as they learn the ways God is at work in their creative lives.

I am super stoked you’re interested in this work and I encourage you to poke around and see more of what we do.

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3. Read our book, Defying Discord. Listen to the Introduction and Chapter 1.

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