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with Sputnik Magazine (Part 1)
excerpt: “The first thing I learned is that the church’s way of seeing and interacting with me as an artist is rarely representative of the way God sees and interacts with me.”
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with Sputnik Magazine (Part 2)
excerpt: “As the arts are slowly being accepted back into the church, artists of faith working in secular culture still have so few champions to tell them that all parts of who they are (as Christian, creative, and cultural participant) are from God, to assure them that they (right where they are, doing what they’re doing) are a needed and contributing part of the body of Christ, and to show them how to victoriously navigate their art life in God’s purpose.”
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with Thriving Christian Artist Podcast
In this episode of the Thriving Christian Artist Podcast, Matt sits down for a talk with Marlita Hill as she shares how she uses her God-given artistic gifts in the marketplace.
Listen to the full interview on Buzzsprout or Matt Tommey Ep. 38

with Art & Faith Conversations Podcast
Dancer, author and educator Marlita Hill talks with us about her 3rd book, “Defying Discord.”  Her passion is to liberate artists to live in harmony with their artistic career and faith lives.  She takes a raw and honest approach to asking questions about how to represent the kingdom no matter where we work.
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