Interview with Mercy Ebueste of Shalom Truth Magazine

Interview excerpt:
“My first piece of advice is to read Defying Discord. Haha! I know it’s an audacious statement, but I’m serious. It will encourage you and give you a language for things you sensed but didn’t know how to articulate. It will also give you a firm biblical foundation for the reality that God made you an artist. He’s with you as an artist. He’s proud of you as an artist – even with where you work and in the kind of art you make.

My second piece of advice would be to invite God into your art career. He gave you the gift, He led you to pursue a career, and He drew you into “secular” culture. His hand is in every part of your experience as an artist in Christ working in “secular” culture. Therefore, there is no need to hide your career or be ashamed of where it exists or what your art is about. He is worshipped and glorified when you partner with Him in your art life, not just when you talk about Him in your art.”

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