KAI Virtual Intensive

Imagine a reciprocal relationship where your faith, artistry, and career nourish and enrich one another.
Imagine thriving in all three because they are connected.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What if I told you that is always what God intended you to experience as an artist in His kingdom?

If that is so, why are so many artists of faith not experiencing that?

What is hindering your harmony?
I invite you to join me in an 8-week study tackling this very question. The KAI Intensive will help you address the hindrances preventing a thriving, harmonious relationship between your faith, art, and career. Through biblical study, conversation, and reflection, we will deal with how we understand ourselves as artists in God, how we interact with God in our career life, and how we take on our career with God, in culture.

Open to artists of any form and genre, our study and conversation will launch from the conviction that ANY art life can serve God and build His kingdom – regardless of the content in your art, where you present it, or with whom you make it.

What this intensive is NOT about:

Do Christians belong in mainstream culture. According to Mt. 13, God says He sows His children into the world.

The church not understanding or supporting us being out in culture as Christians. This time is not about anyone else but us, as individuals, and God.

The lack of quality and excellence in “Christian” art. We are all professionals always seeking to excel in our craft and change that stigma. That is a gripe for another day!

Changing your art to make it more suitable for evangelism or worship. God has you right where He wants you, creating the kind of art He’s inspired in your heart.

Session Information.
Dates: Every Tuesday, Jan 17 – Mar 14 (no meeting on Feb 14)
2 Sessions times available: 4-6pm PST or 7-9PST
Only 20 spots available for each session time
Cost $129

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