For Artists

The Kingdom Artist Institute™ (KAI) was created for Kingdom artists building creative careers in the marketplace. We teach artists how to flourish in a sym(tri)otic relationship between their faith, art, and career—where each part is strengthened, expanded, matured, and nourished through a co-working relationship with the other parts.

KAI programming is for artists of all genres, forms, and practices but our specific focus is on those who do not make religious or Christianity-focused art. Our ultimate goal is to help artists walk in wholeness, move in freedom, and work in harmony as they create the life in art God is leading them to build. 

Through our ARE Framework™, we support artists in cultivating an unapologetic relationship between their faith and art careers that freely, boldly, and honorably takes space, makes art, and serves God in the marketplace. 

We help artists address the divisive narratives, perceptions, and beliefs hindering them from freely bringing their whole selves to the whole experience of being God’s artist in the marketplace.

We support artists in renewing the way they see their art life in God, God toward their art life, and their place in Kingdom community and purpose.

We equip artists with tools to flourish in their faith and art careers, without apology.

KAI Books

Our books are thoughtful and reflective resources that root you in your relationship with God and liberate your creative practice.

Patrice Gerideau

Storyteller. Speaker. Spiritual Director.

Art and faith without compromise or division.

Marlita Hill rocks! She is the one who God has called to speak to artists in Christ who are struggling to balance their life in Christ with their life in the arts. We artists are called to work inside and outside of the church without compromise and without division. She helps us to remember that no matter where we are called, we are to work with integrity, vision and purpose in order to manifest God’s greater vision of reconciliation.