Facilitator's Guide

Supporting artists in integrating faith and creativity for a deeper, unified journey.

In the Kingdom Art Life Course, facilitators play a pivotal role in helping artists process the integration of their faith and creative careers in the marketplace. Because of the kind of art they make, who they make it with, and where they they make it, artists struggle with the dynamics of honoring their faith and navigating the demands of the secular art world. The Kingdom Art Life Course helps facilitators foster an environment of thoughtful exploration, open dialogue, and practically spiritual insight that empowers artists to build a reciprocal relationship between their faith and creativity. The Kingdom Art Life Course aims to renew the way God’s artists understand their experience and help them interact with their faith and art careers as partners, incubators, and catalysts for one another.

The Kingdom Art Life Course consists of 12 modules that focus on specific aspects of Kingdom engagement. Each module features 3 components:

  • Audio teaching (12 audio sections)
  • Modules (12 modules)
  • Reflection Questions

The Kingdom Art Life Course is created with a flexible structure to accommodate the reality that each community using this resource is in a different place, has different areas of focus, and operates in different contexts.

The Kingdom Art Life Course is designed to allow for a range of options in flow and depth, giving choice and freedom to how it is implemented. There are two approaches. The General approach which covers one module per session. Another is the deep-dive approach which covers one module over multiple sessions. Both approaches will follow the recommended flow outlined below.

  • Discuss Module Question
  • Read and Listen to Module
  • Respond to Selected Module Questions
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