You Are a Whole Artist. Work Like It.

What does it look like to work holistically in the day-to-day affairs of walking with God, making art, and building your career? Our discipleship experiences are designed to support you as you tackle this question, put your wholeness into practice, and bring every part of you into every space of your experience. 

Choose Your Experience

Whether you thrive in a personalized, one-on-one setting or prefer the dynamic energy of collaborative learning, we provide the flexibility to explore the integration between your faith, art, and career in a way that aligns with your preferences. Below, you’ll find two options for your discipleship experience.

Christy Richardson

Actor/Singer/Voice Over Artist

Intuitive and Scripture-based.

The insights I’ve gained from the Kingdom Artist Institute have revolutionized my creative life. Marlita has created beautifully intuitive and Scripture-based answers that will revitalize both your faith and art life. 

J.P. Choquette


Challenged to see differently.

Caution: do NOT take Marlita Hill’s workshop if you aren’t ready to be inspired, motivated and encouraged in your spiritual and art life. I highly recommend this excellent course to any other Christian who is struggling with a foot in the two seemingly opposite worlds of faith and art.