How do you serve God working “out there,” making “that kind” of art with “those people?”

Defying Discord takes a raw, honest look at the turbulent relationship between the artist, their faith, and their career in secular culture. Written as a conversation between friends, Hill confronts this turbulence through unpacking one question: How do you serve, build, and represent the Kingdom working “out there,” making “that kind” of art with “those people?” Through biblical principles and everyday applications, Hill liberates Kingdom artists to build an unapologetic career life that freely, boldly and honorably takes space in the “secular” context.
Paperback $20.99, incl. shipping
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Defying Discord is a great read for artists of any kind who are looking for encouragement regarding the integration of their faith and their vocation.
Dr. Kutter Callaway, professor of theology and culture, Fuller Seminary, and author of Scoring Transcendence, Watching TV Religiously, and Breaking the Marriage Idol

Marlita Hill has written a book with an encouraging message that not only gives insight to questions that believers who make a career practicing their form of art wrestle with, but also challenges the insecurities that artists struggle with.
Reginald Cole, dance educator and performer

Can we be artists in Christ, working in “secular” culture? I’ve always believed the answer is “Yes!” and Marlita Hill serves as an expert navigator. This is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read on Christians in the arts. It addresses a section of the topic that really needed to be addressed.
Dave Weiss, AMOK Arts, Pastor and Artist

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