Helping artists flourish
in faith, art, and career

Welcome to the Kingdom Artist Initiative (KAI). Our work is to help equip and empower artists like you to live a holistic, integrated experience that deepens your faith walk as you build your art career. 

Directly combatting the notion that you have to choose between an art career and serving God, our resources and workshops help you thrive in three areas:


embracing all parts of who God has made you as an artist in Christ


being unapologetic as an artist who serves and represents the Kingdom through your art career in “secular” culture


working faith, art, and career together so that you flourish as a Kingdom citizen and arts professional

“Marlita Hill rocks! She is the one who God has called to speak to artists in Christ who are struggling to balance their life in Christ with their life in the arts. We artists are called to work inside and outside of the church without compromise and without division. She helps us to remember that no matter where we are called, we are to work with integrity, vision and purpose in order to manifest God’s greater vision of reconciliation.”
–Patrice G, artist and theologian

Learn 6 Keys to build your art career without compromising your faith

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