Defying Discord takes a raw, honest look at the turbulent relationship between the artist, their faith, and their career in “secular” culture through unpacking one question: How do you serve, build, and represent the Kingdom working “out there,” making “that kind” of art with “those people?” More info

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Are you building your art life and career according to what God has said about you as an artist in His kingdom? As artists, there are many voices that speak into our creative lives. But, as Kingdom artists, there is only one voice that should shape the kind of life in art we build. There is one voice that all other voices should align with if they are to have a place in the way we build. This self-directed course is designed to help you evaluate your art life’s foundation and the voices that are shaping it. Make sure you’re building on the firm foundation.

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Learn how the dancer partners with God in ministry to the body of Christ, the local congregation, and the individual watching. More info Read excerpts Instant Download: $6.99 Add to Cart Paperback (USA orders): $14.99 Add to Cart Contact me for international or bulk orders.

FINALLY…a ministry resource for the career dancer. Right where you are, in your kind of dance career, you can honor God and leave a Kingdom footprint in culture. Learn how to be a vessel for ministry in your day-to day career life, just as it is.  Read excerpts Instant Download: $2.99 Add to Cart Have you checked out our podcast on building harmony between faith, art, and career?

Audio_periscopeAudio recording. Marlita Hill dives into the mission of the Kingdom Artist Initiative: helping artists build harmony between their faith, art, and career. This audio was recorded live on Periscope. To watch the video, click here. FREE Instant Download: Add to Cart

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