The Book Planning Bootcamp

A guided experience that sets you up for success in your self-publishing journey

The Book Planning Bootcamp (Beta) is a 3-month supported experience that takes you through thoughtfully crafted exercises that prepare you to write your best next book and get it into all the hands that need it. The Bootcamp features self-paced exercises, weekly office hours to get your questions answered, and co-working opportunities to ensure you get your work done.

This experience is specifically for coaches, teachers, facilitators, practitioners, and experts who want to write a NONFICTION book for their business or service.


By the end of the Bootcamp, you'll walk away with:

  • A clear focus and concept for your book
  • A clearly identified audience and ideal reader
  • A detailed (yet flexible) outline to guide you in writing your book
  • (Bonus) You will lay the groundwork for building an audience and marketing your book while you write.

About Marlita

Marlita Hill is a multi-published author and 20+ year educator who creates, teaches, writes, mentors, podcasts, and speaks to an international audience in and across the areas of faith, art, and entrepreneurship. Her work helps creators define who they are as entrepreneurs—what their work is, who it’s for, and where it fits—so they have the clarity they need to make the best decisions in building and sharing their work their way.

The Benefits of Planning Your Book

Identifying the One Book You’re Meant to Write
One of the hardest things to do is to write one book at a time or to write the ONE book you’re actually trying to write. Identifying the focus of your book helps you present your content with coherent, well-structured ideas that create a valuable and rewarding experience for your readers.

Identifying the Right Audience for Your Book
No book is written for everyone. Each book has a specific group of people it is written to and for. You will clarify your intended audience and the journey, solution, or transformation you want your audience to experience when they read your book

Creating a Clear Roadmap for Your Ideas
Writing a book requires you to keep track of a lot of ideas and work your way through complex, multi-layered arguments. Outlining your book guides and streamlines your writing process and helps ensure that each part of your book aligns with the overall focus and objective.

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