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Kingdom Artist Initiative

What is KAI?

We are a discipleship resource for professional and aspiring artists working in secular/mainstream culture. We serve artists directly, with our KAI programming, and work in instructional partnerships with organizations, colleges, and churches.

What We’re About.

Our heartbeat is to help marketplace artists live an experience characterized by two things: wholeness and flourishing 360-degrees.

An Unfragmented Journey
A house divided against itself cannot stand; and if it cannot stand, it cannot be effectual. KAI works to support marketplace artists in cultivating an unfragmented experience, where all parts of who they are, (as Christians, creatives, and cultural participants), are accepted and honored, and are working together in agreement with God. We believe this is made possible through a flourishing, reciprocal relationship with God, and between our faith, art, and career.

Flourishing 360-degrees
God is for our career and with us in our career; but He is after more for us, in us, with us, and through us than just our career. Focusing on the above two relationships, KAI works to help marketplace artists flourish 360-degrees, through an art and career practice that engages in the full scope of God’s working in His artists. Our programming helps artists build a practice that:

IN (Spiritual Formation)
Honors the spiritual maturity and fruitfulness He wants to develop in us.
Gal. 4:19, Col 1:9-10

WITH (Relationship)
Honors the relationship and life He wants to build with us.

FOR (Creative and Career Fulfillment)
Honors the fullness of the gifts He gave us, as well as the opportunities, dreams, desires, and doors those gifts are to open and bring to pass.
1 Tim 6:17, Heb 11:6, Ps. 145:19

THROUGH (Cultural Impact)
Honors the healing, correction, legacy, footprint, and reconciliation ordained to come through us as we work our art career.

Our Curriculum.

KAI instruction focuses on teaching artists how to flourish in a sym(tri)otic relationship between faith, art, and career – where each part is strengthened, expanded, and nourished through a coworking relationship with the other parts. Our teaching is for artists of all genres, forms, and practices; but our specific focus is on those who do not make religious or Christianity-focused art. We are tasked to help these artists understand how their kind of art life participates in Kingdom building, citizenship, and representation.

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