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2018 Look Back



Calvin Symposium Vendor

I stepped out on faith and took my crazy behind to freezing cold Michigan to sell my latest book at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Symposium at Calvin College.  I met artists from Chicago, Canada, Africa, Michigan, and others. I loved hearing their stories and was encouraged by their excitement about Defying Discord (DD). Some of the artists felt encouraged and affirmed. Some felt seen and informed. It was affirming for me as well!

Guest Speaker

Throughout the year, I got the awesome opportunity to work with Henry Lucey-Lee of Intervarsity in his amazing work on art college campuses. This was my first talk as a guest speaker at Pasadena Art Center. I got to meet and share God’s heart for these amazing artists. I LOVE speaking to college students.

This year, I wanted to stop being sheepish about the work that I was doing. So I took some steps to get my work out there, including this Author Read Along. I didn’t get many takers but I met an amazing writer, Patrice, who rolled with me through all 7 weeks and became a dear sister. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Marlita Hill rocks! She is the one who God has called to speak to artists in Christ who are struggling to balance their life in Christ with their life in the arts. We artists are called to work inside and outside of the church without compromise and without division. She helps us to remember that no matter where we are called, we are to work with integrity, vision and purpose in order to manifest God’s greater vision of reconciliation.”

Workshop Facilitator

I had a great time at the 2018 Dancer In Me conference. I taught two sessions: Modern Technique and a KAI Workshop. I got to meet new amazing artists serving God and reconnect with ones I hadn’t seen in a long time. Here’s what one of my workshop attendees said:

I thought I knew modern however when I took Marlita’s modern class my body moved in ways it never moved before. I actually felt like I was learning modern in its true raw form for the first time. She was very skilled and taught more than just moves but counting, music and dance theory while breaking down the choreography. I truly was pleased with her class although I struggled to pick up her choreography!

21-day Facebook Live

So…we all have that thing we’re neurotic about, that thing that stops us from making big moves. Mine was being on camera. So, my friend Brenda and I challenged each other to do a Facebook live for 21 days straight. Not many people saw the lives but this set me up big time!! I was able to repurpose this material and create an entire 2nd season for my podcast!! And I was asked to be a guest on another podcast. Can we say #nothingwasted

Podcast Interview

Well, that 21-day FB Live run worked. After sharing them on social media, I met a new incredible sister, Libby John from Art and Faith Podcast. I had the amazing privilege of being a guest on her podcast and solidified an awesome sisterhood!

Listen to the interview. (Season 3, Episode 3)

Guest speaker

I had the amazing opportunity to return to Pasadena Art Center several times to share in their Christian Fellowship bible study. My second time was in March.

Guest Speaker

This was a cool give-back opportunity I had with my alma mater, TOWSON UNIVERSITY! I miss those people so much!! I got to speak to the Senior Seminar class about starting your own dance company and networking in the larger dance community. It was an awesome time and so amazing to get to let my former faculty know what I’ve been up to. Thanks Ms. Linda for the opportunity to share!!

All about dance ministry

This was just a college day! When I finished my talk with Towson, I received an email from my good friend Cynthia Newland asking what I was doing in a few hours. Well a few hours later, I was on a video call with these Belhaven University beauties for their dance ministry course talking about working with the Holy Spirit through dance. Thanks Cynthia!!

Built and ``launched`` a course

So I have this love for content and wanted to create this course for years helping other people with their niche and content. So, I finally did it. I made a self-directed online course. I’m still learning how to launch, but I made the course and I’m darn proud of it. Now, I just have to work on getting it out there.

Books went international!!

This was just a cool moment. A teacher reached out to me because he saw a speech I did in 1999. After we talked, he researched the work I was currently doing…and liked it. So, he ordered a batch of my books for himself and some of his students….from SINGAPORE. That was just really cool!

Guest Speaker

I returned for my third drop-in as a guest speaker at Pasadena Art Center. I look forward to continuing to pour into these incredible artists!!

Conference speaker

Boy…was this a transformative experience! The Reflect Conference was an amazing experience put on by Vineyard Boise Art Ministry. I was invited by my amazing friend, Jessie Nilo! I was a main session speaker, taught two sessions on Choreography and Navigating Creative Turbulence, and ministered in dance.  Man, there is so much I could say about this experience in Boise, ID. Definitely a transformative moment for me and my artistry.

Edge Project - Spain

For the past three years, I have spent every summer in Spain with Edge Project, run by my incredible sister, Arianna Caligiuri. I have served as her Associate Director and College Liaison. Summer 2018 was a magical summer as we got to present the Vessels Project in Altea, Spain, a collaboration between myself (as dancer), Arianna (as storyteller), Ray Basile (songwriter), and Jason Leith (visual artist). Edge Project and Altea hold very special places in my heart. This opportunity to share Vessels was definitely a stand-out moment!

Guest Speaker

My dear brother, Vincent Hardy, brought me in as a guest speaker for his amazing summer program with Zion Dance Project. I had a wonderful time speaking to these amazing dancers on two different days about representing and living the Kingdom in your dance career. We had conversation, I led them in a journaling activity, they prayed for each other. It was great! After the talk, one dancer reached out and we had a couple of amazing follow-up conversations. Here’s some of what she shared:

I just had the pleasure of listening to you share on the subject of cultivating liberty the spirit in connection with the Lord in our career. I had a question for you that we didn’t have time to get to during our session with the Zion dancers. I’m hoping to get some clarity on the subject of pursuing excellence and devotion in our craft of dance in a way that is healthy and consistent and life-giving…P.S. I’m a frequent listener of your Kingdom Art life podcast. It’s so so so good.

Off to Mississippi for grad school

Whoa…this was COMPLETELY unexpected. The last thing I was thinking about was graduate school. I mean, it was definitely a desire, but one of those desires that you let fall to the wayside. I was not pursuing or praying for this AT ALL…but God. In May, I received an invitation to attend Belhaven University with a Teaching Fellowship, and in August, I was in my car driving to Mississippi to start my first semester. To say it was an adjustment of all sorts is an understatement. But first semester down and I’m so thankful to be there. Thank you Cynthia Newland, Krista Bower, and Mia Whitehead for this incredible opportunity!!

Conference Speaker

I was excited to return to Rome, GA in August to teach and minister in dance at Thankful Baptist Church for their dance conference. Love these people and looking forward to returning again in 2019! Thank you Pastor Young and Sis. Phyllis!!

Guest Speaker

I had a wonderful opportunity to share with the Dance Faculty of Celebrate Dance Academy in Minnesota. Thanks Libby!! I shared about creating a loving, nurturing environment for their dance students. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and instruction. Here’s what one of the faculty shared:

Thank you again for sharing your heart with our staff a couple of weeks ago! It was such a blessing and led us to GREAT discussion at our retreat after! You are such an incredible blessing, and we are so grateful for your ministry and heart!

A Cool Honor

This was just really cool. I found out I was included in Art and Faith Podcast’s Top 9 episodes list. How cool!! Thanks Libby!

Conference Speaker

ANOTHER transformative experience. The Creative Church Conference was AMAZING! Not only did I get to hang out and teach with my friends, but I made some incredible new ones as well. I was busy!! I co-emceed the conference with my brother Steven Homestead, spoke in two sessions on Dance In the Church (with Saara Taina) and Navigating Creative Burnout (a panel discussion with Jessie Nilo and Clayton Heilman), presented Vessels Project, and conducted 1-on-1’s with conference attendees. Oh, I learned so much!! Thank you Jason Leith and Scott McElroy. Fabulous job!!

My 2nd International Interview

Throughout the year, I contact leaders doing great work with marketplace artists. Some amazing opportunities and partnerships have come from these conversations. This 2-part interview was one of them. It was so awesome to be interviewed by Jonny Mellor with Sputnik (UK) for their magazine. I’m super excited about the work they’re doing and look forward to meeting my new brother, Jonny, in the near future. And in 2019, I will be featured in a special project they’re doing. More info to come on that!!! Thank you, Jonny!!!

Read Interview Part 1

Read Interview Part 2

More courses!!

I taught the first of a new series of foundational courses for KAI. For four weeks, I met with an incredible group of women who have become new sisters. I am so excited to continue offering these courses for artists. Stay tuned in 2019!! Here’s what one participant said about the course:

Caution: do NOT take Marlita Hill’s workshop if you aren’t ready to be inspired, motivated and encouraged in your spiritual and art life. I thoroughly enjoyed this course which challenged me to see things from a different perspective. I’ve long struggled to feel that I could mesh both my spiritual life and my call to be a “secular” writer. It was with relief that I learned not only is it possible to survive, but thrive, in both of these arenas simultaneously. Marlita’s kind but straightforward manner helped me uncover new truths. Her deep dives into scripture helped to put things into perspective. Her energy was contagious. I highly recommend this excellent course to any other Christian who is struggling with a foot in the two seemingly opposite worlds of faith and art. 

Learn more about the reVision workshop

Guest Speaker

I had the great honor of sharing with the dance department at Belhaven for their Soul Day. I taught a session called, “In All God Wills,” about navigating our art life in a way that honors the things God wants to do for us, in us, with us, and through us. It was a great time of impartation, conversation, reflection and prayer.

Podcast Interview

After many years, I finally got to have a conversation with this amazing guy. Matt Tommey is doing amazing work with artists and has been a wonderful inspiration. This December I had the honor of being a guest on his Thriving Christian Artist Podcast. It will air in 2019 and hopefully, I’ll get to speak at the 2019 Gathering of the Artisans conference. Fingers crossed. Thanks Matt!!