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Receive 12 little love notes ministering God’s love to your creative heart.
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A Dose of Encouragement for ya’?
Our podcast, The Kingdom Art Life, gives you 7-18 minute doses of encouragement to keep you walking in wholeness, moving in freedom, and working in harmony as you build your art career in the marketplace.
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A Thoughtful Read with your tea?
Because of the kind of art we make, where we make it, and who we make it with, we sometimes struggle to see where our creative life fits in our faith walk. Through answering the ‘how does this fit’ questions, Defying Discord encourages you to forge an unapologetic art life in the marketplace.
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Ready for Some Deep Heart Work and Reflection?
If you’re ready to tackle the divisive narratives, perceptions, beliefs, and conversations that have hindered your freedom to be the artist God is drawing you to be, enroll in one of our Kingdom Art Life sessions!
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