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The Kingdom Art Life

This is a podcast for Christians with “secular” art careers.

You are a Christian. You create art. You work in “secular” culture.  Even though these are all true about you, you are not completely at ease with all three living fully and effortlessly working with one another in the same space. This podcast is for you, because it’s time you got easy about it.
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Episode 21
March 13, 2017

21 – Pressing into the Tipping Point

What do you do when you’re carrying a vision from God about your art career, and you move on things He tells you to do, but nothing happens? You have to keep doing…keep pressing into your tipping point

Episode 20
March 6, 2017

20 – A Process for every Promise

We have talked about the inevitability of time in walking out God’s promise for our career life. In this episode, we talk about the inevitability of process, forming us to thrive in the promise as we receive it.

Episode 19
February 27, 2017

19 – A Time for JOY!

As artists of faith, we sometimes get nervous when we realize we are enjoying our art too much. Why? In this episode, Marlita Hill explains how our artistry is for enjoyment, as well as service and communion.

Discussion: Why do you think we’re so afraid to just enjoy life in God? What will that experience be life for you? Will it be easy? Is it something you’ll have to remind yourself of, like take deeper breaths?
Episode 18
February 20, 2017

18 – How’re you seeing what you see?

Perspective is not just about what you see, but how you see what you see. In this episode, Marlita Hill continues the conversation on patience and looks at how perspective helps us successfully navigate patience and fully come into the things God has promised us.

Discussion: Where are some places you’ve lost perspective? What was it like for you when you got it right, again?
Episode 17
February 13, 2017

17 – Patience, Dear Watson

As artists in Christ, we experience harmony when we honor the faith walk, our artistic expression, and our career life and ambition.  Since the just are supposed to live by faith, we need to understand what being a career artist looks like inside the faith process. This episode explores patience as an element of faith.

Discussion: What are the thoughts, anxieties that make patience difficult? What is one thing that you could put into practice to help yourself successfully journey in patience?
Episode 16
February 6, 2017

16 – All parts honored

Harmony between faith, art, and career happens when all parts of you as an artist in Christ are honored and allowed full expression in the same space. Marlita unpacks this harmony and what it looks like.

Discussion: Where has it been difficult to allow these three parts of you to coexist, unquestioned? Why has it been difficult?
August 22, 2016

15- Thriving in difference

Sometimes it is hard for us, as Christians, to know how to address the differences we encounter among those around us who are not saved. Marlita shares her formula for tackling this issue in a way that respects freedom of choice, treats other with dignity and love, and allows us to maintain God’s standard.

August 22, 2016

14- Just be, and be led!

As career artists, we work among people of many different beliefs, lifestyles, attitudes, and perspectives. Marlita explores how we, as Christians, should interact with those around us that don’t live as we do.

Discussion: What issues have you grappled with as a Christian working in “secular” culture? What way did this episode address those issues?
August 22, 2016

13- There’s more at work than you know.

One of the most difficult parts of walking with God is waiting. Marlita speaks into the frustrations that come with waiting for God to bring a promise to manifestation.

Discussion: What has it been like walking through your season of patience? What scriptures, promises, or words from the Lord have kept you moving forward?
August 22, 2016

12- It ain’t supposed to be this hard!

Hebrews 4:9 tells us that we should endeavor to enter God’s rest. But, grinding and hustling are part of being an artist. Marlita explores how these two ways of being work together by looking at what rest looks like as a Christian, when you’re on the career grind as an artist.

Discussion: What pressure does it relieve for you to know that you don’t have to coordinate and orchestrate? That all you have to do is quiet yourself long enough to hear and just move on what you hear?
August 22, 2016

11- Why do you want it?

As career artists, it is natural that we want success in the various areas of our art life. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, and though God will assist us in that desire, Marlita challenges us to think hard about why we want it.

Discussion: What does this episode bring to mind for you, in terms of what you’re going after in your career?
August 22, 2016

10- Who’s Going to lead you in?

Part of harmony is about being Spirit -led in your career. Marlita poses the question each of us, who seek harmony, must answer: Do I believe that God’s way will get me where I want to go in my career?

Discussion: What would making a commitment to let the Holy Spirit lead your art career change for you? What is the nagging hesitation that keeps you from going all in?
August 22, 2016

9- You won’t have to be a weirdo.

Saying yes to salvation is a simultaneous yes to co-laboring with God in His purposes for creation. Where does our career life fit in that? Marlita addresses the fear of what God might ask us to do, and how we may have to look if we allow God to use our career for His purposes.

Discussion: Share one or two things from the reading that really stood out for you, that shifted your mind. Did the reading address or relieve any anxiety you had about this?
August 22, 2016

8- The Ease of Intimacy

What does an all-in relationship with God look like? It starts with understanding that He did not call you to a career, calling, purpose, or church relationship. He called you to build a life with Him, in a relationship that permeates all areas of your life. Marlita looks at the all-in relationship and explores fears we have about what might happen to our career if we go all the way in.

Discussion: How easy is it to receive God’s attention and interest in the way we described? Isn’t that what we all want…for someone to be that interested in the things we’re passionate about, to be ready to hear about it whenever we’re ready to talk about it…everytime? What is that like to think about that. Can you receive that? Is that going to take some mental rearranging?
August 22, 2016

7- Are you in?

Harmony is about being of one mind with God. To do that, you have to know what kind of relationship He invited you into, what He invited you to do, and where your art career fits within that.

Discussion: What are your thoughts? How does this episode shift your perception of what it means to bring your career life into an all-in relationship with God?
Episode 6
August 22, 2016

6- I Do! To what, exactly?

Relationship is the starting point of harmony between faith, art, and career. The way we see our relationship with God impacts the way we see our life in art within that relationship. Marlita talks about relationship’s part in building harmony.

Discussion: As you considered these two questions about your relationship with God, what were things that were unearthed? Were there any things that surprised you? Were there any patterns of thought that you realize have crept into your thinking about your relationship with God? Were there things you let slip, things you were unaware of?
episode 5
August 22, 2016

5- In God we trust?

Experiencing harmony between faith, art, and career requires trust. Marlita breaks down the dimensions of trust we have to have in God, and the things we have to trust about Him, before we are able to trust Him with our careers.

Discussion: Make a list of all the things God has done for your art career: all the prayers He’s answered, ways He’s made, favor He’s given you. Begin to say out of your own mouth, “God I trust you.” I want to know what that was like to recount your experiences and confess yourself that you trust God with your art life.
Post Images 4
August 22, 2016

4- Let it go, Let them go

Christian art. Artist of faith. Artist who just happens to be Christian. What we call ourselves as Christians with “secular” art careers doesn’t really matter. But does it reveal something deeper about what we value, what we fear, and what we hope for?

Discussion: What does moving forward look like? What kinds of things do you need to let go of in order to move forward?
Post Images 3
August 22, 2016

3- Harmony is not Death

When we think about bringing our faith and art careers together, we experience a little trepidation because of what we think we have to change or give up. Marlita eases that fear by showing how God has us right where He wants us.

Discussion: Where do you see yourself in this harmony thing? Is it something you can do right away? Are you still weary about it? Is it hard to believe? Do you still need more information?
Post Images 2
August 22, 2016

2- What do you mean, any art life?

Any art life can serve God and leave a Kingdom footprint in culture, no matter what we make art about, with whom we make it, or where we present it. Marlita explains how.

Discussion: How do you envision your faith life intertwined in your career life after this episode? Was this episode encouraging, affirming, challenging, objectionable?
Post Images
August 22, 2016

1- Faith and Art: What About It?

Welcome to the Kingdom Art Life podcast. The faith and art conversation is large. Marlita Hill explains what makes this podcast different from other conversations on faith and art.

Discussion: Introduce yourself and the kind of art you do. What kind of relationship do you have between your faith, art, and career right now? What kind of relationship do you want to have between them?