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The Ease of Intimacy

Episode 8- The Ease of Intimacy
What does an all-in relationship with God look like? It starts with understanding that He did not call you to a career, calling, purpose, or church relationship. He called you to build a life with Him, in a relationship that permeates all areas of your life. Marlita looks at the all-in relationship and explores fears we have about what might happen to our career if we go all the way in.  Read the transcript


How easy is it to receive God’s attention and interest in the way we described? Isn’t that what we all want…for someone to be that interested in the things we’re passionate about, to be ready to hear about it whenever we’re ready to talk about it…everytime? What is that like to think about that. Can you receive that? Is that going to take some mental rearranging? Talk to me.

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