What Do You Mean, Any Art Life?

ANY art life can be a vessel for worship and leave a Kingdom footprint in culture. Marlita Hill explains what that means and how it could be possible. Read the transcript

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As Christ-following artists, we create art for different reasons. We come from different approaches. We use different methods. We exist in different contexts. we create religious art, art for social change and commentary, art for art’s sake, and everything else in between. For some of us, we can look at our art life and very easily see how it could be a vessel for worship.

But for others of us – because of what we make art about, where we present it, who we make it with or for – it is much harder for us to see how our kind of art life and career could be directly used to worship and serve God. – @1:06


All the things we engage in as Christians tend to focus around three areas: worship, evangelism, and the faith walk. The primary way we interface with these three areas of focus us through the message in our form of expression. If what you’re doing or producing has no direct connection these areas in its messaging, it is difficult for many, to see its value in the Christian life, or its usefulness to God. @1:50

This is the mindset in which Christ-following artists with careers in mainstream culture are raised.  @2:59

But, as Christ-following artists, we don’t have to make art explicitly for those purposes in order for our art life  to be a vessel for worship or to leave a Kingdom footprint in culture. How can I say that: because we have a life in art, not just a message in art. – @4:40

Your life in art can glorify God even when the message in your art is not explicitly talking about worship, evangelism, or the faith walk. @5:27

The art life (according to Marlita Hill, by way of the Holy Spirit) consists of three areas: @5:50
– The person: which is who you are @6:15
– The process: which is how you do things @7:33
– The product: which is the actual art piece, and by extension, the message in the piece, if there is one. @8:35

Before you ever put brush to paint, fingers to keys, character to plot, steps to music, you have to know that you are an artist of tremendous consequence. Just by being in the room, YOU are a vessel for worship and YOU are leaving a Kingdom footprint in that environment – @6:56

People get a glimpse of who God is, how He works in a life, and what life is like in relationship with Him – all by looking at how you do do things as an artists, and what results when you do them the way you do them – 8:00

Rom 1:20: Things that are made give evidence to God’s existence – @8:44

Regardless of the form, function, subject matter, or context of your art, the skill and creativity it displays gives evidence and honors a creative and magnificent God – 9:13

How much more can a creator be glorified than when their creation does what they were created to do?

God created you as an artist; so He is glorified whenever you release what He put in you and make art! @9:27


How do you envision your faith life intertwined in your career life after this episode? Was this episode encouraging, affirming, challenging, objectionable?

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