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What does the Kingdom art life look like for Christians who don’t make ‘Christian art,’ and are building their art career in secular culture?

The Kingdom Art Life Study Course is a group study resource created to spark and support biblical conversation addressing this question and experience. Due to the kind of art we make, who we make it with and where we make it, we have both been told and have told ourselves that our kind of art life is misaligned with our Christian walk. Through 12 explorations of Kingdom engagement, this study aims to help artists renew and re-frame their experiences in the marketplace–showing how their kind of career participates in and contributes to Kingdom citizenship, citizenship, and purpose. Module teachings range from 15-32 minutes. Workbook is 199 pgs.

Course includes:
12-audio recordings and a digital workbook. $99
Workbook (printed) $32.95

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Includes 12 Module teachings (audio) – $99 reg +
1 KAL Workbook – $32.95 reg
Digital (incl.) / Printed (+$11 shipping)

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