Defying Discord

Defying Discord takes a raw, honest look at the turbulent relationship between the artist, their faith, and their career in “secular” culture. Written as a conversation between friends, Hill confronts this turbulence through unpacking one question: How do you serve, build, and represent the Kingdom working “out there,” making “that kind” of art with “those people?” Through biblical principles and everyday applications, Hill liberates Kingdom artists to build an unapologetic career life that freely, boldly and honorably takes space in the “secular” context. $19.99, incl. shipping
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REVIEWS Marlita Hill’s book, Defying Discord, continues to change my life. This is the kind of book that can be read again and again. I will do just that in the months to come. I was blown away by the practical way Hill drew me into a casual discussion about the freedom and harmony awaiting my Kingdom art life, even in the midst of “secular” culture. I was so moved to action! I found myself responding to the text in both audible and gestural forms. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about their unique purpose on this earth and what that means, particularly for the day to day undertakings of an artist/creative. Lauren Ashlee Small I just finished reading this, and I want to go back and read it again, to marinate in it so what I’ve read works it’s way into my thoughts and actions. This book, written for Christian artist using their art in “secular” settings, uses examples and language in a way that speaks powerfully and relatable to artists. But I feel like it’s a book all Christians should read. Marlita gives voice to the questions and fears all of us who want to find harmony between our faith and our vocation, who struggle to find harmony between our faith and passions, feel. She speaks in a way that is both practically helpful and profound to me. Marlita presents an attitude, understanding of God, and a path that will help every believer live out their faith, not just in their religious lives, but in every aspect of life. I finished the book with a clearer understanding of my calling and how I might live a more integrated life. Amy Tang Read more reviews

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